polecam_inte_elephantPolecam is a small jibb. The difference from traditional jibbs is that the camera is very small.
The remtotehead is carrying lens and CCD block, the rest of the camera is carried as a counterweight. The Polecam can be operated from 2m up to 7m. Depending on its lenght the weigt varies from 10kg to 25kg. It is very easy to move and you can operate it from a tripod or from a harness. As an option there is a Fishface / underwaterhead that makes it possible to operate the Polecam underwater down to a depth of 3m whitout going into the water yourself.
Other options are fiberultiplexing for connecting it to multicamera systems. In this case you can control the camera whit a RCP and you cam even pan and tilt the camera from a joystick on the RCP.
To use the camera as a ENG camera is no problem, you just connect a recorder. We can provide a Berta SP, DV cam or a HD sollution whit a XDR recorder.
The HD formats are 720P, 1080i, 1080psf or 1080p.